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Favorite Mounts

  • Sanus System VLT5-B1 Premium Series Tilt Mount for 51

    Sanus makes my favorite TV wall-mount systems! If you need a simple-to-install mount with adjustable tilt and easy leveling (something bargain mounts lack), the VLT5-series is ideal for 51-inch to 80-inch screen sizes. A magnetic stud finder and fasteners for wood or concrete wall construction are included in the box. Wall-mounting a TV eliminates the need for an unsightly base stand, and it is the best way to secure a TV from accidental tip-over while providing protection from general wear and tear. Mounting a TV also optimizes screen height and viewing angle for the best picture possible.

  • Sanus VLF515-B1 Mount | 51

    All of my TVs are wall mounted because it offers increased safety and security. A mounted TV also returns room space eliminating a bulky base stand for a cleaner look. Mounting a TV also optimizes screen height and viewing angle for the best picture possible. Sanus mounts include everything needed for installation, and unlike bargain mounts, the VLF515 makes it easy to perfectly level the screen after it's hung on the wall. The 515's articulated arm supports up to 125 pounds of weight and extends up to 15 inches from the wall, and I've stress tested it with nearly twice the recommended weight for added confidence. For up to 28 inches of extension from a wall, consider the Sanus XF228.

  • Sanus VLF410B1 10-Inch Super Slim Full-Motion Mount for 37 - 84 Inches TV's, Black

    Wall mounting a TV optimizes screen height and viewing angle for the best possible picture, and it's a great way to secure your TV investment. The Sanus VLF410 is a full motion wall mount that will securely support TVs up to 84 inches with up to 10.17 inches of extension from the wall with a slim design that can retract to just 1.36 inches. The VLF410 includes everything needed for attaching a TV to concrete or wood frame walls, and Sanus mounts make it easy to fine tune the level of the TV after it is installed. For challenging mount scenarios near a corner or for where a wide degree of swivel adjustment is desired, the Sanus XF228 can extend up to 28 inches from the wall and support TV sizes up to 90 inches or 175 pounds!

  • Peerless PRGS Projector Mount, Black

    A good projector needs a solid mount to keep the image fixed in place. The Peerless PRG-UNV universal ceiling mount supports projectors up to 50 pounds, and it features a precision gear system to place the image exactly where desired and to keep it there without drifting over time. There are certainly less expensive projector ceiling mounts, but how often do you want to tweak it to keep everything properly aligned?


  • Peerless PRG Series PRG-EXC-W 19.1-Inch to 32.6-Inch Adjustable Projector Ceiling Mount Kit (Black)

    Similar in function to the Peerless PRG-UNV above, the Peerless PRG-EXC also supports projectors up to 50 pounds with a precision gear system for stable image placement that wont drift over time. Proper projection placement eliminates the need for enabling detail destroying keystone correction resulting in optimal image quality. The EXC model features a pre-assembled extension that adds 19.13 inches to 32.91 inches of additional ceiling clearance. Other extension options include:

  • OmniMount OCSBA Universal Sound Bar Mount for 32-Inch or Larger TVs

    If your TV is wall-mounted, the OmniMount OSCBA Universal Sound Bar Mount is an easy way to add a soundbar speaker without drilling into a wall. The OSCBA attaches to existing wall-mount hardware and is especially ideal for articulating TV mounts as this setup will keep the soundbar aimed at the prime viewing location.

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  • Sewell Direct Universal Soundbar Bracket

    I encourage everyone to wall-mount TVs whenever possible - it protects the investment and improves the appearance. However, wall-mounting can leave a soundbar further away from the screen reducing its audio impact. The solution is to attach the soundbar to the TV! The Universal Soundbar Bracket from Sewell Direct makes it easy to fix a soundbar to a TV's top or bottom edge for improved audio and aesthetics. Speaker brackets like this one from Sewell Direct are especially useful with TVs on articulated mounts as it also keeps the soundbar aimed at the prime viewing location.